1. Please tell us how a management degree fits in with your personal goal for the future (400 words)

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Hailing from a family of businessmen dealing with agricultural machinery in

the small sector, I was prompted to study engineering and this led me to a Deemed

University in the backyard of Chennai. This University run by the Sri

Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Viswa MahaVidyalaya lays great emphasis on

cultural, ethical and moral values, rather than following the ancient pattern of the

Macaulayan education.

Graduating in Computer Science in 2001, I have worked with two

international companies, Hutchison and Reliance Infocomm who are successful

operators in the telecom sector in India for over 20 months. During this period I was

part of teams installing new systems, and improving services to end-users. My

interests now are in sharpening my skills in Business Management.

Today?s management varies widely from what it used to be a decade ago

when competition was relatively small and the prevalence of a sellers market was

pronounced. Business and Capital management techniques today have undergone

paradigm shifts and unless one keeps his eyes and ears open to the developments

changing every minute in the various sectors ? corporate or governmental.

Appreciating this aspect I have come to realise that I need to hone my skills

in modern management which will enable me to improve my capabilities in

influencing clients and proving worthy of my employment. This may well explain my

relinquishing the jobs I held in favour of useful education.

I am keen to learn the tricks of the trade and industry so as to gain an insight

into the latest global trends and techniques in this territory. Whatever I have learnt

so far is less than a miniscule of what lies in store, this is why I am keen to learn

business management from a renowned institution.

Some companies make things happen, some watch them happen, and finally...