1)Provide a detailed analysis of Wilfred Owen's Dulce Et Decorum Est , showing how the poet employs poetic devices to convey tone and attitude towards war.

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The poem 'Dulce et Decorum Est' is about the suffering soldiers endure in the war, from fatigue to dying horribly after being gassed. It also places an emphasis on the fact that war is glorified to draw youths into the war hoping for glory. The speaker has an angry tone towards the false belief that war is a way of getting glory and showing heroism. His attitude is very anti war as he very strongly criticizes the way war is portrayed in his society.

Wilfred Owen's Dulce et Decorum Est employs visual imagery in the first line of the first stanza which shows soldiers bent double, the soldiers are bending probably due to extreme fatigue as war tires a person rapidly. Like old beggars under sacks, old again suggest tired soldiers or that war makes a person age due to stress, beggars mean the soldiers are poor like beggars, while beggars have no money, the soldiers have no rest, no hope and perhaps no life as all they do in was is to kill the enemy nothing else, they have no time for anything else thus they have no life.

More visual and some audio imagery, knock-kneed could mean the soldiers are so scared or so cold that they cannot stop shaking, coughing like hags could mean the soldiers had no water so their throats are so dry they cannot stop coughing, the coughing brings to mind sickness. It seems that war has infected the soldiers making them ill. The soldiers curse as they move through sludge; the sludge is probably the mud at the bottom of a flooded trench, it describes the unhygienic circumstances the soldiers are forced to fight and live in. In the third line flares behind them light up the some places and result...