1)         There were several reforms made by Lenin when he

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1) There were several reforms made by Lenin when he gained control of Russia. Lenin began political reform by organizing Russia into several self-governing republics under the central government. Lenin also created the New Economic Policy (NEP). He started a small-scale version of capitalism to make Russia's Economy flourish. The peasants could sell their surplus to make a profit instead of giving it to the government. The government kept control of major industries such as banks, and the means of communication. But he still let small private factories, and farms operate under private ownership.

2) Stalin used several methods to gain control of the Communist Party after Lenin died. From 1922 to 1927, Stalin began his climb to the head of the Government. In 1922 he was general secretary of the Communist Party. He moved his supporters into key positions. By 1928, Stalin was in total command of the communist party, Trotsky was forced indo exile in 1929.

Stalin now had competed power and control of the Communist Party.

3) Stalin used several key traits to transform the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state. He seized all aspects of public and private life, making people a sense of security. In 1928, Stalin outlined the first of several Fiver-Year Plans for the development of the Soviet Unions economy. His Fiver-Year plans were set to impossible quotas or numerical goals, to increase output of steel, coal, oil, and electricity. Also, that same year he seized all control of all peasant owned farms and created collective farms. Hundreds of families worked for these farms and gave production to the state. Many peasants revolted and were forced to work on the farms or would be killed or sent to a labor camp.

4) Stalin used methods to bring the economy of the Soviet Union completely under state control. Stalin's secret police, they monitored telephone lines, read mail, and planted informers everywhere. In 1934 Stalin turned against members of the Communist Party. He launched the Great Purge. It was aimed at the communist party. He directed it to aim to anyone who might be threatening his power. Thousands of old Bolsheviks who helped stage the Revolution in 1917 stood Trial. Millions where executed for "crimes against the state". In 1939, Stalin had gained total control of both the Soviet government and the Communist Party.