1. What are the two or three main features of Google that led to its success as the number one search engine and what features should its competitors add to overtake Google as the top search engine?

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In this era of information research and management, there is an Internet Search Engine (ISE) that stands above the rest. Google has been the number one ISE for many years because of its speed, size of database and simplicity. In the business world and at the personal level everyone looks for efficiency to enhance time management and increase profits.

Google's competitors must enlarge to their databases, while maintaining the quality of their search results. In the information world massive amounts of data is important, but quality is key because consumers have limited time to sort through a mountain of "rocks" to find the "diamond" (critical information) they need. The competition is catching up with Google in speed. What they need now are bigger databases and more direct, better quality search results to dethrone Google as the lead ISE.

I will provide facts and opinions from several different reports and write-ups from ISE experts, professional news reports and other Internet documents.

I'll also provide information based on my personal knowledge in the Military Information Operations arena as an example of the importance of the features that Google has. Finally, I'll include generic and specific search samples to compare Google with other leading ISEs to illustrate my findings.

Google's main features are its massive database and simplicity. Google's database carries over 1.5 billion fully indexed Web documents and that alone has kept them ahead of their competition. In today's competitive business world, information acquisition and management a critical prerequisite to the success of any business or operation. Every business depends on staying in touch with the movements and trends of the market, their competitors, and their customers in order succeed.

Google challengers Yahoo, AskJeeves, and AltaVista, among others all covet Google's users. Success has even put Google in Microsoft's crosshairs. Indeed, unlike...