1. What would you hypothesize are the likely weaknesses of this management team that might explain their lack of success? 2. What would be the criteria you would used to select members?

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After reading the article about Mr. Crugnale and his restaurant ventures it is obvious that Mr. Crugnale is a hard charger, go getter kind of person, but does all his thinking in a vacuum without outside feedback. His team of staffers follow him blindly, maybe out of respect or admiration, but they don't question Mr. Crugnale decisions, or try to provide input in the decision making process that might help him better visualize the pros and cons of his decisions. It is apparent that Mr. Crugnale and his staff are going in the same direction; they don't know which way, but they are going in the same direction.

The likely weaknesses of this management team that might explain their lack of success are: the lack of set goals, communication, and team cohesiveness. Mr. Crugnale has no set goals as to what he wants to accomplish with his business; thus making it impossible to have a coherent work plan for him and his management team.

He must establish goals and be clear as to what he wants to do; so that everyone in his team knows exactly which direction they must go. His management team seems to wonder aimlessly, without a real purpose and ownership of the planning and execution of the business work plan.

The purpose of this paper is to describe Mr. Crugnale and his management team weaknesses on group management, and the actions they must take in order to create a successful management team; thus making their restaurant ventures more successful. I intend to prove my findings by comparing their actions described in the news article with the concepts of team building, group management and leadership. I will also reinforce my findings with facts and opinions from subject matter expert's papers, documents and other related materials.

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