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HR Administrator

Human Resources Department

Organisation & Resource Development Directorate

Ref: ORD/78


Grade: 6

Hours: 35 hours per week

Location: Unison Centre, London NW1

Overall Summary

The HR Administrator provides administrative support to the HR Officers across the full range of HR work. Each HR Administrator will be responsible for delivery of services to head office departments and regions, with specific areas of central administration.

Terms, Conditions and Development Support

Basic advice on the policies and procedures to staff and managers.

Calculation of Voluntary Severance, Child Care and back payments of pay and allowances.

Ensure Payroll are notified of changes to staff terms and conditions and act on management instructions and staff requests in a timely fashion.

Staff Training and Development

Provide administrative support to enable the production of the annual Staff Training Directory

Administer the Staff training and development budget ensuring invoices are coded and passed for payment appropriately and within agreed timescales

To administer and support the national annual training and development programme including the learning support scheme.

To act as the main point of contact for the union's regional and national staff training and development managers.

To support the HRD Officer on the tendering, contract development and review of external training provision.

Systems Development

Development and maintenance of appropriate systems and procedures as required.

Advice to users on HR systems including resolving or supporting the resolution of problems related to the operation of the HR system.

Supporting development and rollout of HR system to Head Office departments and Regions. This to include training users to understand and use system modules.

Make presentations and train staff in the operation of the HR system modules on a regular basis.

Writing updates on training manuals.

Project Support

To develop and maintain administrative systems and procedures to provide...