"10 Things I Hate About You" - Bianca and Katarinas differences

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I believe Mr. Stratford's determination in not allowing his daughters to date is influenced partly by his career and dealing with the outcomes of irresponsibly handled situations that he sees everyday. As a father Mr. Stratford is naturally overprotective, however to the become a single parent bestows a great deal more stress and responsibility on his life, which he then may express as insecure actions for example not allowing his daughters to date. By restricting them from dating until they graduate he believes he is doing the right thing and stopping them form making life affecting decisions. However by thinking he is safely protecting his daughters he is losing sight of their individual problems.

The storyline that occurs before the particular scene, involving Bianca hitting Joey, is set to persuade the audience that Bianca's hitting Joey is not just appropriate but also a heroic way to deal with the situation.

The reaction our society has to this says two things, one that we are easily influenced by films themes and persuasive morals, and two that we like to be different. The usually quiet follower Bianca standing up to the obnoxious and 'popular' Joey portrays to the audience that Joey gets what he deserves and Bianca had stood up for the right thing.

The main scene that portrays the difference between both sisters is the scene where the audience is introduced to Mr. Stratford and the two main differences between the sisters. As the scene opens we see Kat getting accepted into an academic school, that will further her academic career. However as the scene progresses we view Bianca arriving home late after a drive in Joey's car, this quickly outlines the differences in both girls' personalities and social groups. Another scene in the film involves Michael introducing...