"10 Things I Hate About You", directed by Gil Junger- Analysis of the song "Bad Reputation" in the movie and its link with Taming of the Shrew

Essay by julz69 October 2004

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The idea of an individual disregarding their own reputation is shown in the song 'Bad Reputation' written by Joan Jett. The individual demonstrates this concept by being untroubled by the thoughts and opinions of others, not doing things just to please others and being rebellious. This idea also runs through the play "Taming of The Shrew", written by William Shakespeare 1592, and the movie "10 Things I Hate About You", directed by Gil Junger 1999.

To be an individual who disregards their own reputation, it is important to be untroubled by other people's opinions. The lyrics 'don't give a damn 'bout my reputation', is repeated in every verse of the song 'Bad Reputation'. This continuos repetition emphasises the importance of disregarding others opinions.

Inattention to the people's judgements displays the image of being carefree of one's reputation. 'Bad Reputation', reflects what Kat Stratford, in 10 Things I Hate About You, feels towards other people's opinions.

Students at her school call her a 'heinous bitch', 'shrewish' and 'self righteous', but she simply ignores these remarks. She claims that she "doesn't care what people think", and the lyrics; "An' everyone can say, What they want to sat", shows Kat's attitude towards everything.

When the beliefs made by others are ignored, inconsideration of ones stature is expressed. In the play, Taming of the Shrew, Katherina is widely reputed throughout Padua to be a shrew. "Is that she is intolerable crust, And shrewd and froward so beyond measure...Renowned in Padua for her scolding tongue." Katherina pays no attention to these remarks and is not the slightest bit pressured by them. Instead, she continues to behave violently and shrewishly, even in public.

The words and rhythm linked together convey a meaningful message. "A girl can do...