10 Tips to Becoming a Gold-Dust-Person

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"There is Gold Dust in the Air-for me!" These are the words spoken by a successful business man in Catherine Ponder's classic work, " The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity". In the opening chapter, his story is included for inspiration.

Lets take his affirmation deeper, into each of our lives. Imagine for a moment gold dust sparkling in the air in front of you.

What would gold dust look like, floating in space? Now let's take this possibility to a different level and from a completely different perspective.

What would that glittering gold dust in the air look if it was made up of your goals and dreams and plans and projects? Imagine for a moment what it looks like on Star Trek as someone is "beamed" up or down. I am picturing the Star Trek of my childhood where I thought Captain Kirk was just about the handsomest man on the planet...next

to my dad, of course, who I saw as the ultimate in handsomeness.

Special effects were not at all like they are now..... so there was more shimmery-ness, less solidity. That is the quality to hold in your mind's eye as you imagine your goals with that ethereal, shimmering appearance like Kirk or Spock or Bones McCoy in the "beaming" process…. That makes it clearer even in your goals not completely-together-ness.

Tuck that thought, your goals, dreams, plans and projects as shimmering gold dust, manifest-in-the-making as you continue to read.

It might also help for you to imagine a person who already exhibits that gold dust quality. Perhaps someone you know, someone you admire, or someone from history. Perhaps a famous inventor or entrepreneur or artist comes to mind.

Who is someone who had a vision, a goal, a practice or shimmering gold dust of some form or fashion who then brought that gold dust into complete manifestation? I immediately thought of people like Julia Cameron or Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell or Suzanne Falter-Barnes.

Who comes to mind for you? Now how do you suppose the person who you are holding in your mind began walking this path? Taken one step further, how do you suppose ANYONE walks and CONTINUES to walk his or her path to becoming and ongoingly being a Gold-Dust-Person? Here are ten solid ways of becoming and then fully being a gold dust person.

1. Gold-Dust-People reach towards and beyond their goals.

They keep their eyes on the horizon as they continue to journey, being sure to replenish their spirits along the path so it remains relatively clear.

2. Gold-Dust-People are open to suggestions and learn from people who are where they are growing to be.

3. Gold-Dust-People have put their goals on paper either in a linear fashion such as the standard "to-do" list of "life goals list" or more artistic fashion, such as a dream board or collage or using a combination of the two through mind mapping or creating a list which has artful components.

4. Gold-Dust-People request constructive feedback from their clients, coaches and mentors and discern what to integrate into their lives and what to put aside.

5. Gold-Dust-People are those who are able to learn life lessons from the times when life does not go as planned and place more emphasis on celebrating the fact that they got up rather than the point that they fell down.

6. Gold-Dust-People take responsibility for their actions and commit to making amends when those actions interfere someone else's capacity to function as a gold dust person.

7. Gold-Dust-People respect their own gifts and abilities, acknowledging they will achieve the most in life when they utilize what is special within them. In that vein they do not minimize their abilities and in fact, they continue to strengthen them through practice and continued increase in use.

8. Gold-Dust-People have a strong sense of purpose or vision which supports their goals, dreams, projects and plans. The purpose and the vision is the foundation upon which the rest is built.

9. Gold-Dust-People are lifelong students of their own brand of success, reading, studying and applying new lessons on a daily basis. They know their personalized brand of success bears their personalized stamp which is then a light to all who see it.

10. Gold-Dust-People make choices which empower themselves, their community and their world. Their choices power up the gold dust, transforming the gold dust into tangible results which has benefit for all the world to experience.

Take a moment to consider which of these attributes of a Gold Dust Person already describes a part of who you are being on a day-to-day basis. If you don't see anything, ask someone else you know and trust to look at the list and reflect back to you what he or she sees.

Commit to strengthening that attribute in some form or fashion within the next twenty four hours.

Now, more challenging perhaps, is discerning which quality is completely contrary to you at your current state of personal development.

Now commit to strengthening that attribute in some form or fashion within the next twenty four hours through taking even the teensiest, tiniest action.

To bring this all into one neat, clean and gloriously gold dusted package, remember how your goals, dreams, plans and projects looked as they were swirling about you, manifest- in-the-making? Now ask this question and take time to answer it. In fact, you may just want to print this article out and use it as a template for discovery.

On with the question: "How can I leverage my personalized gold dust attributes most efficiently and effectively move from swirling from gold dust manifest-into-the-making into something tangible, that others can experience as well?" Over the next several days, really consider this question as you meditate, exercise, journal or simply sit and ponder.

Bring it out into the open. Watch as that Gold-Dust takes form.

You have within you the ability to do all that you were meant to do. You have the ability to be who you were created to be.

You can take all that you know today and bring it all to a higher level. Join those prosperous people: the Gold-Dust-People.

Commit to do so, today.