In 100 Year.

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In 100 Years...

The world will be a better place in 100 years. The people will have an entirely different perspective on the way to live. Everything will have advanced and made living easier. Crime will have minimized with the growing technology of the world. The U.S. Government will have gotten organized and stopped fighting other countries just because it can. Schools will hopefully be more of a republic than the almost total dictatorship that schools are now. In 100 years the way of life, the way governments are organized, the way technology improves, and life expectancy grows will be better.

In 100 years, people will have an entirely different perspective on how life should be lived. We live in a growing society, both mentally and physically. Everyday we find new ways to make strenuous tasks better. Doctors learn how to use new medicines. Cars become safer with almost every crash test.

Computers are getting better every day. In 100 years man will have space colonies and no longer be bound to a single planet. The world will have changed so much in 100 years with discoveries such as these everyday that our current way of life will be totally obsolete.

In 100 years crime will have reduced as humanity as a culture gets better. Computer crime right now is at its peak because we haven't developed the technology to stop it yet. Programmers are wroking right now to improve the quality of the programs we use everyday and make them safer. In 100 years everything will probably be delivered right to a person's front door so there will be no physical stores being robbed or any robbery of that nature. In 100 years crime will be greatly reduced and we should have a more peaceful society as a whole.