100 Years of Capitalism.

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100 Years of Capitalism

In the past 100 years we have had many advancements in all areas of our society. The way people live has changed drastically just in this past century. Technology in particular has advanced more in these last 100 years then all previous time combined. Efficiency keeps being pushed to the maximum in all areas of production. These modern changes have truly altered the way in which a human lives and is shaping how future generations will continue to live.

For example, the creation of mass production in the beginning of this century by people such as Henry Ford made the cost of some luxury items drop drastically so the bulk of society could afford them. The car for example, when first invented was going to be way out of the price range of the majority of people. At that time products were made by just a few people and took a very long time.

In the dawn of the 20th century Henry Ford and others created somewhat of a human factory. No longer did just one or two people build a whole product but instead everyone would specialize in one special area and make the product as a team much faster. Due to this advancement production rates skyrocketed and prices plummeted. This helped by creating jobs and making life more affordable for most people.

As we neared the middle of the century some resources became scarce due to the war so as a creative society we came up with alternatives. For example margarine and nylon replaced butter and silk and actually were superior products. The creation of machinery helped in this area and in higher production rates. Machines are more efficient than humans are as they don't get tired and lazy or become ill at unexpected...