11/5/2002                  COMMUNICATIONS I         20 .Why a college education is

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11/5/2002 COMMUNICATIONS I 20 .Why a college education is worth the time and money.

The advantage of going to college.

People with a college education are looked upon in society as the elites .As a Result at times they are the ones first in line when opportunity comes knocking. They Have an advantage right from the start whether they want it or not. This is the reality of the Society we live in.

Take the workforce for example, there are thousands of people trying to enter on a Daily basis. Some are college educated others are not. The college educated applicants Tend to be hired first in the more lucrative and higher paying positions. Those without College education tends to get what is left and also the blue-collar positions. The college Educated tend to get promoted earlier and are the more likely ones to get selected for any Advanced training.

In communities and social scenes people without college education in a lot of Situation lack the confidence and sometimes develop an inferior complex. They will Readily defer to the college educated for positions of leadership and decision-making.

With college education confidence are built over your college career which enable one to Naturally assume positions of leadership and responsible.

In the short term it might seem ridiculous to spend all that money , when you see People all the time who did not attend college and is doing well. It can be tempting but in The long run you always you will always have your college education to fall back on , Especially in these times of changing careers. There are just too much benefit to not Want it.