12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men Juror number eight in the play "12 Angry Men" is the perfect example of a man who is compassionate, couragable and morally strong in face of judgment and sometimes ridicule. Juror #8 made and kept his decision the entire time and was unwavering in his argument. No bias or prejudices influenced it. He stayed calm and relatively sophisticated, where as other men were yelling at each other and lashing out with racist remarks.

Throughout the movie "12 Angry Men" juror number eight displayed excessive strength and perseverance in two important ways. The first was during the initial jury vote he was the only one to stand up and say that he thought the kid was not quilty. Afterwards, he requested a secret ballot vote and said that if no one else changed there vote he would change his to guilty After juror number 9 changed his he said to everyone, "this gentlemen chose not to stand alone against us…he gambled for support and I gave it to him."

This took a lot of strength because he was being pressured and criticized by all of the other jurors.

Juror number 8 was very couragable when standing his ground fighting for what he thought was right. He did his best not to let his bias and personal problems to interfere with his decision and his argument. In Comparison to juror number three and ten, he was very calm and sophisticated when arguing and persuading others. Juror number ten was racist and when it got to the point where he was crossing the line of morality and getting too angry. All the other jurors turned their backs on him and refused to listen. Juror number three had problems with his own son in the past and...