12 Angry Men

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Running head: 12 ANGRY MEN

12 Angry Men

Don Carter, John Case, Cassandra Smith

Grand Canyon University



12 Angry Men

Introduction: In the movie "12 Angry Men" an eighteen year old boy is charged with the murder of his father. At first, all of the twelve jurors believe that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, except for one, who believes that they owe the boy more than five minutes in deciding if he lives or not. The man who does not believe that the boy is guilty explains his views to the rest of the jurors and is ridiculed by them. An old man later sees where he is going with his reasoning and when the next vote is done, he also votes innocent. The jurors continue to discuss the case and bring up some important facts in favor of the teenager.

Gradually, other jurors begin to change their minds, and the ones that do not become outraged. This paper will analyze this movie in terms of how this group worked together and the decision making process, which emerged by answering nine key questions.

What is the influence of relevant background factors on each juror's decision making process?

Juror 1 was a coach and knew the true meaning of working together and in an orderly fashion.

Juror 2 was a soft spoken follower who could be swayed by the crowd.

Juror 3 stood his ground with the guilty verdict until the end because of the torn relationship with his own son.

The fact that Juror 4 wore eyeglasses made him reconsider the woman's testimony of seeing the boy stab his father as she was turning over in bed. He knew people who wear eyeglasses do not wear them to...