12 Angry Men

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Twelve Angry Men is a play by an aunthor, Reginald Rose about twelve jurors who are working on a case of a boy accused of murdering his father. Like everyone else in the world, jurors usually have distinct thoughts and beliefs on certain case. Some of which are either similar or different. Throughout this play, two jurors clearly demonstrated both similar and contrasting thoughts; Jurors Three and Ten.

In the beginning ,Both Juror Ten and Three were angry men, with forceful opinions. This is and example from a quote from Juror Ten."...We don't owe the kid a thing. He got a fair trail, didn't he?...You can't believe a word they say."(p.556). Notice the highlighting of the word "they" in his quote. By him refering to the boy accused of murdering his father as they instead of him, it shows how bias he is against people like the boy; who come from the slums.

He is the type of person to generalize.

Likewise, Juror Three also makes a generalization and it can be seen in his quote."...It's the kids. The way they are- you know? They don't listen. I've got a kid..." By that comment, he automatically associates all kids being hardheaded and never listen to their parents. He also links that to why the boy's father used to beat him up.

Both Juror Three and Ten show similar character traits by they way they generalize people on lack of information. Both of these jurors ended up voting the boy guilty about halfway through the play. Even though they are entitled to thier own opinions, who are they to try to use opinions as facts and say all children from the slums do not deserve anything and they should get beat up on since they do not listen? Even thought both...