12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men

The scenario opens in judge where the jury is deciding about the deliberations process as the accused sits. Then the juries immediately go into the jury room, and begin the deliberations about the case.

The case is about an 18 years old teenager who is accused of the murder of his father. All the proofs seem to point at his guilty. Unless the twelve jurors find the boy innocent of murder, he will be sentenced to death.

The decisions among the 12 jurors start. In the first round of votes, only one juror out of the twelve votes in favor of "not guilty" verdict. Not even convinced of the boy's innocent, he has a reasonable doubt about the crime and goes through the evidence again, unraveling any inconsistence that could help in the boy defense. So begins a battle of wills as the debate goes o, votes change.

There are various causes that make particular the debate among the men. The air conditioner in the room is not working as the temperature continues increasing. All of the men believe themselves to be impartial, but several of the men have personal prejudices that have a bearing in the judgment. Added into the mix is one ill juror that says kids today have no respect to adults and he has not seen his for about a decade.. Another man wants a quick decision, because is anxious to get this over whit and get to his ball game.

In other round of vote, the jury votes and finds themselves 6-6. The vote is in balance and tension is its peak. So the rain comes and this force of the nature relieves the tension as well as the heat.

Although the jurors find more doubts as the debate turns intense; a...