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On a hot summer day, twelve men do their civic duty and begin deliberations over a minority young man's future. The young man is on trial for killing his father. His alibi is that he went to the movies. However, a knife, similar to a knife that he bought, is found protruding from the victim. The witnesses included an old man who claims that he heard the boy say "I'm going to kill you" only seconds before he heard a thud, which he assumes was the father's body falling to the floor. This witness further claims that after he walked to the front door of his apartment and saw the boy running down the staircase. Another witness, a woman, comes forward claiming that by looking out her bedroom window and through the windows of a passing el train, she actually saw the murder happen.

All except one juror initially finds the boy guilty.

The goal of this motley group of individuals is to come to a unanimous verdict that is beyond a reasonable doubt. This paper will examine these twelve men including their personal prejudices, biases, strengths and challenges.

The juror box is filled with twelve men: a selection of people that is diversified from various cultures and different experiences; men with different ages and different motives for their decisions. Juror number one is a high school assistant who is also known as Mr. Foreman. He is an African American male in his early forties. Juror number one leads the group through the deliberations, keeping them on track and ensuring that all participate. Juror number two, a bank teller, is an African American male in his fifties who can be convinced of any opinion, at times voting with the majority. He is quiet and hesitant to speak. Juror number...