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Group Dynamics Diary MGT 210 Individual & Group Dynamics David Harvey July 1, 1998 Date: May 20 On this date, I was absent from class. Therefore, I have decided to write about a related work event.

I've recently been appointed as the representative from our division to participate in a company technical steering committee. This committee's goal is to direct the company towards chosen technology areas where the company might excel in the marketplace. As our division representative, I'm expected to provide the viewpoints of our division in our discussions.

While participating on this committee, I've noticed that my individual behavior is altered. Instead of acting (even reacting) as I normally might, I think of my managers and what their opinions might be. Consequently, I lose my individual identity in this group situation and wear the identity of my division. It is true that I project viewpoints that my management possesses instead of my personal feelings.

Even truer to the fact, my management comes to me with suggestions and information that I need to keep in mind when I participate in these committee meetings.

This behavior disturbs me. I can see myself possessing different values and opinions in situations like these. Imagine the members of important committees, like Congress, and what transformation takes place in many of those members. It is hard trying to please a couple of groups, but there are instances when people must satisfy several groups with strongly differing opinions.

It is a difficult position because I must balance my personal opinions with those of my division. For others in similar positions, it could be even more difficult and farther-reaching. Personally, I would find it difficult to be a Congressman where I "should" vote as my constituents dictate because often my personal opinions may differ.

Date: May...