The 12 Men. Our class had to make up a fairy tale for my creative writing class and this is it.

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The 12 Men

Once upon a time, there lived a greedy, evil woman who had two daughters. The first daughters name was Bonnie. Bonnie was a very wicked girl. Around her mother she acted very sweet, and innocent, but as soon as Bonnie got around either her sister, or her friends, she was very cruel. The other sister's name was Amanda. Amanda was a very hardworking girl, who always did what she was told, and obeyed her elders. She was very sweet, and everyone knew this, including her mother; but she never treated her right because she was only a half daughter.

One day, mother was fixing Bonnie's hair for a town dance, when she realized the wild flowers that she had picked in the spring to put in Bonnie's hair, had recently died in her vase. With an evil look in her eye, she ordered Amanda to go into the woods and find one for her sister, and not to come back until she had one, or face the consequences.

Being the middle of winter, Amanda knew she would never find one, but left the house at her mother's orders because she had no choice.

Putting on her heavy clothes, she closed the door, and began to walk into the forest. As she walked farther and farther into the forest, it got colder and colder. While she looked around, she could see that there was not a single living thing moving in the forest. Shortly thereafter, the wind began to blow harshly, and a constant snowfall began to fall. All of a sudden, Amanda came to a clearing in the woods, and the snow suddenly stopped, and the wind stopped blowing. Suddenly, Amanda saw twelve men of many different ages, dressed in very rich clothes standing next to one...