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I was there at school, waiting for her to tell her the truth about how I felt about her. It felt like it was forever, but it was only 5 minutes. She came out of her class like a bee waiting to get out of the

beehive, but 5 minutes before she came out, I thought for about a couple minutes thinking back when I first had a real conversation with her other than in Algebra II class.

It was 2 weeks before winter break in February. I was reading Ranma ½(a manga) when I saw her in the corner of my eyes in a corner in the library doing spinach homework. She looked familiar then I had remembered that she was in my Algebra II class. She's pretty smart in that class. I approached her and said " Hi, how you doing?You cool?" She says "Do I know you" Few moments later, she says "Oh yeah, you're Edward from Algebra II class" "Yes, that's right."

I replied. I had forgotten her name, so I went "Your name's Jessica, right?"She replies, "Yup, that's me!" From that moment on I had spent 40 minutes talking about how she and I are from the Philippines. She can speak Tagalog and Visaya fluently while I can speak both of those only in bits and pieces. Half the time I didn't know what she was talking about because all I could focus on was her face. She's so beautiful. All I thought about was her personality is so different than people I hang with. She's so awesome I thought, while she was talking. Her smooth skin made me stare blindly at her more. Her smell,smelled like baby powder, which I happened to really like. She is so petite-looking, she weighed 90 pounds and is...