13th Labor Of Hercules

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Dark and eerie are the depths of the infamous lakes in Scotland. Among these troubled waters lurked the Lochness Monster, who could not be harmed in any way when in water, but once on land, was as vulnerable as a little kitten.

After completing his twelfth labor, bringing Cerebrus to Earth and back, the very cocky Hercules, who had accomplished the impossible, asked for one more labor, a challenging one. After pondering, and reviewing all that Hercules had already accomplished, it was difficult to find and choose a harder task. Finally, Eurytheus thought of a fitting thirteenth labor.

"You must travel to Scotland, to the deep lakes, and high cliffs, and find the Lochness monster. Then you must defeat him, and in the end, bring me his head," said Eurytheus.

"I will do as you command," answered Hercules.

It took the mighty Hercules 2 years to travel to the deep lakes and towering cliffs of Scotland.

After swimming, climbing, and running his way there he was very fatigued. Hercules decided to lie down beside a stream, that ran from one of the lakes and there, he fell into a deep sleep.

"Hercules!" sang a deep voice. "Hercules arise!" Hercules, not known what had woken him, arose from his nap and turned to drink from the stream he lay beside and was surprised to see the image of Poseidon, the mighty god of the waters, in the rapids of the brook. "Poseidon, what brings you here?" "I know why you are here, Hercules," said Poseidon. "You are in search of the Lochness monster, who dwells in the depths of these lakes. He cannot be injured in the waters, but can be easily defeated on land. You will not find him alone, Hercules. You will need my help, and the help...