15 minutes drive

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Subba 1

Suk Subba

Dr. Bayo Omolola

ENG 101 Index # 1287

10 October 2014

15 Minutes Drive

Life can surprise you often with astonishing and aspiring lessons. Recently my casual evening drive turned out to be my life's best incident, when I unexpectedly encountered this man. This man, an African American, probably in his 40's, with raggedy dress came towards me. Initially, I stopped my car with a little bit of curiosity.

As he approached near to me, my default setting hardwired in my brain triggered an alarm for safety. Thus, I scrolled my window just enough to be able to talk to him. He came close to my car and asked if I can give him a ride. He said it's an emergency and he doesn't have time to

wait for a bus. I posed my skepticism and bluntly lied to him. I told him that I have even more urgency then he does.

He didn't buy my excuse and insisted on his request. I didn't know what I should do. I got confused and somehow I happened to shake my head. He might have misunderstood my non-verbal communication. He thanked me and got into my car. With full of nervousness, I asked him where he wanted to go. He said he need to get to the Johns Hopkins Hospital as soon as possible. I said okay and I started to drive. As I was driving, he revealed more information about him.

As it turned out, he came from a good family. "I was big fan of superheroes," he said. He was actually obsessed with how superhero can save lives of hopeless victims. He added, "I joined an army because being an army is the closest thing I can do to be a superhero." He joined...