"From 1781 to1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government." Using the documents and your knowledge of the period, evaluate this statement."

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The Articles of Confederation were meant to give the United States a loose, weak central government, making the Articles ineffective. With the Articles of Confederation, the United States was unable to support soldiers due to the inabilities of Congress. The United States was also unable to remove British trading posts from their home soil. The weakest states, who were not influential and least populous, had power over those that were strong and heavily populated. Also, the United States did not financially thrive between the years of 1781-1789. By 1789, citizens of the United States started to become weary because of the weak central government. The United States was unable to flourish and to unite under the Articles of Confederation.

With the Articles of Confederation, there was a weak, and sometimes absent centralized army. This caused the British to remain on the United States' home soil. The British were still trading with the Indians, in hopes of not allowing the United States to attack Canada.

Therefore, the British were creating an ally with trading with the Indians. With a weak army, the United States were unable to remove the British from the United States. This made the Articles of Confederation weak. The United States were still unable to free themselves from British influence. As seen in Document D, John Jay gave instructions to Britain to "remove all posts and territories within their limits," which shows that the United States could take no further actions without a strong centralized army. Each State contained a small army, but the States unaffected by the British took no action, another negative effect. This causes the States to not unify. As a nation, this was a negative effect. For the new nation to grow and become strong, unification was key.

The Articles of...