1800's Personification Paper

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I assumed today was going to be just another ordinary day: lying dormant in the sun for most of the day, while watching the slaves work. I was rarely needed, because the slaves knew their place, and they knew it was foolish to try to disobey their master. When I was needed though, I loathed the master for using me for such foul, dirty work.

I found out I was needed today, by the approach of the master, as well as the slave watcher, pulling along a chained slave. I winced at the thought of what I would soon be forced to do.

As they got nearer, I prepared myself best as I could for what I would soon have to see, and feel, first hand. I wished I could speak to him, and apologize, for what would soon happen. I knew it was time, when the slave watcher had finished tying the slave, so he could not get away.

He grasped me firmly in his right hand, and raised me high above his head.

As he brought me down, I felt the flesh of the slave, collide with mine, and I heard his screams of pain. I had experienced this so many times by now, that I should have been used to it, but there is no way to get used to causing pain.

Again and again, I was forced to hit the slave, and hear his cries, wishing it would end after each strike, but I had no choice but to continue, as I could not fight back.

When it was finally over, I saw how raw the slaves flesh was, and I felt his pain. I again wanted to apologize, but couldn't. I could imagine exactly what it must be like to be a slave. I lived...