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IB History

1848 Revolutions Study Guide

Main Themes (John R. Barber)


* In the 1840's the rapidly crumbling economy sparked discontent amongst the French populace.

* Restrictions on demonstrations led to violent uprising and even more discontent from the populace.

* With the coming of Louis XVIII in 1830 the people started attacking the monarchy. Such protests and demonstrations peaked in 1848 as the most popular revolutions in Europe have started.

* A gathering of French people who were to voice their discontent was supposed to be held on February 23rd 1848. However, Guizot was sure of the national guard keeping the king safe cancelled the meeting. The demonstration has spilled on to the streets of Paris.

* Louis removed Guizot from office for his political mistake.

* The demonstrations continued thus Louis sent the National Guard to disperse the revolutionary movements.

* Then someone fired, it is still not known who fired first the National Guard or the Revolutionaries.

The National Guard started to shoot at the revolutionaries which caused extreme anger as 16 revolutionaries were killed.

* Violence has started and now revolutionaries were acting with violence, seeing that he cannot hold on to his throne Louis abdicated and is given political asylum in England.

* A second republic was announced as a new provisional government was formed. Every adult male could vote and every man had a right for a job.

The Austrian Empire

* News of French success reached the ears of angered Nationalists. Therefore, unrest started all over the empire.

* Hungary revolted wanting freedom from Austrian rule.

* Austrian armies are unable to deal with the threat and make first requests for Russian support to put down the Hungarian uprising.

* For the time being Austrians give in to Hungarians and March laws...