18th Century Russia

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The Biased Eyes of Foreigners: An Account of Russia as Detailed by Foreign Travelers

I. Introduction

Foreign Travelers accounts can be a great source of historical information; however the reader has to examine the text carefully to extract of any biases that may have been conveyed in the account.

II. The Russian Land

The travelers were all very impressed with the size of the Russian country, and concurred that the bulk of the land was covered with forest and swamps. The fertility of the soil and the great abundance of wild animals also impressed the travelers as mentioned in all accounts.

A. Climate

From all three travelers there is a general consensus that the country of Russia is very cold.

B. Soil and Farming

As mentioned earlier all of the travelers were impressed with the fertility of Russian soil

C. Domestic Animals

All the foreigners make reference to Stags, Hinds, Elk, Bears, Wolfs, Reindeer, Wild goats and numerous poultry birds.

III. The Russian People

All three foreigners had the general consensus that the Russian people were relatively lazy and they chose to be drunks rather than to expand their knowledge.

A. Occupation and Commerce

The chief products in the Russian empire are Furs, Wax, Hemp and Flax.

B. Marriage

The Russian people conducted very ceremonial weddings and Russian boys and girls cannot arrange their own wedding.

C. School & Writing

According to Margaret the greater part of the Russian alphabet is derived from the Greeks. According to Margaret and the Russian people Abhor any kind of studying, especially the study of Latin.

D. Religion

Religion was a very important part of the life in Russia all three authors touched on the subject.

IV. Government

The Russian Tsar has absolute power over all his subjects even his own family.

A. Military...