The 1920's

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The nineteen twenties was a time of great change in the United States. When WWI ended there was a shift in the economy. Now the items that were manufactured were not only for necessity but now they were also for pleasure. Things like the mass production of automobiles, radios made them affordable to the average American. Women drastically changed the way that they dressed and acted while in public. Their dresses came to the knee, and smoking and drinking in public places became more acceptable. The First solo flight across the Atlantic made by Charles Lindenberg gave Americans a real life hero. The widespread use of the automobile, The changing role of women and the first solo flight across the Atlantic all had a great impact on American society.

In the nineteen twenties the mass production of automobiles made them available too much of the American public, not just the wealthy.

Paved roads, gas stations, and auto repair shops sprang up all over the country. Cities began to spread in every direction because people live miles away form where they worked. People who lived in the rural areas of the country were no longer isolated from the cities, now shopping centers and entertainment that used to be virtually inaccessible was just a automobile ride away. Americans had a new sense of freedom with the use of cars. Young people and adults could go anywhere they wanted at anytime they wanted without planning or reliance on public transportation such as trains. This development has continued to affect the American society since the twenties. The growth of suburbs was in part a result of the automobile. Highways also were created to make traveling in cars easier and faster. Today almost everyone travels in an automobile on a daily basis.

The changing...