How the 1920's were a decade of change.

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Life in the nineteen twenties changed dramatically. With great advances in technology, life turned into the age of materialism. Communists and anarchists were stirring trouble for the country, while business was growing into large corporations. Industry was drawing customers to 'get into the new age', by hypnotizing Americans into buying more of their goods, mostly kitchen appliances and cars. But, what really captured the attention of the country were heroes. The most famous, Charles Lindbergh, was first to fly a plane solo across the Atlantic ocean. Of course, others preferred sports. 'Babe' Ruth was the most famous baseball player of the age. Americans wanted even more entertainment, so they ran to music, especially jazz. Yet, there were some things that hurt the Americans severely, such as the banning of alcohol, racism, and the threat to religion from Darwin's theory. Though all of these remarkable things happened, the most dramatic change that occurred was about women.

Women became more independent, wanted to have more fun, and, especially, the right to vote.

The decade of the twenties was a new experience for women. They became less dependent. The biggest impact on their lives was the fact that they were able to vote locally and nationally. The nineteenth amendment was passed, and for the first time in America, women were able to vote. This was just the start of the new beginning; women changed their hairstyles and fashion dramatically. Prior to the twenties women wore extremely long dresses and their hair was very long, often tied in a tight bun. Contrarily, during the twenties women started wearing mini dresses and wore their hair in a short loose cut. The ideal job for a woman, before the nineteen twenties, was raising their families and having children. During the Roaring Twenties women dropped that lifestyle...