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Throughout this paper I will be touching on certain topics that formed the roaring twenties into what it truly was. I will also be comparing certain topics from the twenties and from present time so that we can understand how the twenties contributed to the development of certain products that we use today. We will also compare the values and priorities that help develop the American dream to what it is.

The 1920s is a decade of American prosperity. This was the time that the American nation made advances in establishing their economic foundation by becoming urban and commercial. During this time is when the Model T was made, the first movie was viewed and the first transatlantic flight was launched into the skies. Even though we hear about these wonderful advances, we also had setbacks in the forms of the Klu Klux Klan, restrictive immigration laws, and prohibition.

This time in American culture, in fact is seen as a time of contradiction because this was the time of hope and a time of despair, and a time of faith and a time of doubt. This in fact, was a time of conflict within one culture trying to reestablish itself within society.

During these times there were many new goods that impacted the economic power of America but there was none like the automobile. Since the car was being mass produced this, in fact, dropped prices significantly by almost 20 percent from when they were first being sold in 1909. Since the prices were being dropped so low this also impacted the auto market because then it force all the car dealers to lower their prices in order to compete in the market. The consumers loved every minute of it because finally prices were going their way instead of...