The 1920s n Canada and whether or not Canada Echoed the US in the Twenties.

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The 1920s were supposedly a great era for Canada. In the following essay the reasons behind that will be shown. The fact that the 1920s "Roared" will be discussed, through analysis of the economic and social factors; and the question "did Canada express a distinct mood in the 1920s, or did it echo that of the Americans?" will also be answered.

In the 1920s the economy started to boom. The war was over and despite the terrible losses Canada was fine. Although agricultural economy slumped, industrialism began to thrive. The Winnipeg general strike changed things for workers. This was when the average workday was reduced to eight hours and the wages were heightened. This seemed to make the economy better for the most part. The economy rose and the idea of credit was developed. People were also playing the stock market now. It was booming and it seemed that nothing could stop it.

That is until the great stock market crash of 1929, when economic depression fell. This basically ended the 1920s, and started the 1930s.

On the social side the 1920s also seemed to "roar", for women more than anyone. They had proved their worth during the war, and now wanted suffrage. Suffrage groups began forming all over Canada in 1919, and the provincial vote was given to them in Manitoba. This got women all over Canada wanting suffrage, and in 1929 they were finally considered as persons thanks to the famous five, which included Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, and Irene Parlby. As well as suffrage the women also change their fashions. They began wearing shorter skirts, and stopped wearing corsets. People also liked to dance in this era, while listening to Jazz music. The Shimmy and the Charleston were two of...