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The 1950's were a controversial time period. President Dwight David Eisenhower focused on many issues that were facing American society. Within the country we were dealing with civil rights issues, in the south, especially. Eisenhower helped with many of the advancements that would take place for years to come. Another issue that was an important aspect America was dealing with in the 50's was the Korean War. Although America did not know that much about the war President Eisenhower went there first hand to find out the truth. He was able to maintain peace with Korea by using some very smart tactics. Another issue that arose in the 50's was the high cost of tuition at colleges. Eisenhower focused on this and by the end of the 50's more people were able to afford college with the help of the federal aid and grants. One other issue that was very controversial at the time was the idea of "McCarthyism".

Senator McCarthy was ruining the lives of many by suggesting that innocent citizens, politicians, soldiers, writers and more were communists without maintaining any proof. All of these issues in the 1950's were on the minds of most Americans. President Eisenhower was successful at addressing and working towards resolving many of them.