The 1950's An American History: Brief overview of 1950's culture.

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The Fifties was a time of the nuclear family, "I Love Lucy", and things like the hula hoop. People dressed the same, talked the same, and acted the same. It was also a time of the Red Scare and Korean War. The government used fear tactics and were mostly unquestioned. When addressing the Fifties more often then not will you hear that it was a time of Conformity. The majority of the fifties was a time of cultural and social conformity with small deviants popping up every once in a while.

The majority of people view the fifties as an idyllic time of conformity. Families played their role in providing for their country and everyone was on the look out for a communist. When a person swayed from the norm they were looked at as a threat. Everyone was on the look out for a communist and the bomb could drop at any minute, and the effect of this was mass conformity.

No one wanted to be different because if they did they risked losing friends and being accused of being an enemy of the country. The source of the conformity and the fear came from the government trying to rush the American people into the cold war and against the communists is portrayed in the words of J. Edgar Hoover, "Every American Communist was, and is, potentially an espionage agent of the Soviet Union."

The typical family in the fifties is usually known as a nuclear family or traditional family. A nuclear family is a family consisting of a father, a mother, and two biological siblings. The father would go to work everyday and come home to his dinner on the table his wife waiting for him and his two kids off doing their homework or playing. He would...