The 1967 referendum essay.

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The 1967 referendum is about the aboriginals trying to be counted in Australia’s census. They are trying to change their rights and freedom. The aboriginals were treated unfairly during this time and was discriminated against. There are many aspects to the referendum including the lead up to it, the context on which it was presented, the referendum and finally the impact it has on the aboriginals.

The 1967 referendum is about including Aboriginals people in the census and allowing the commonwealth to make laws for the aboriginals. At the same time of the referendum, harold Holt was the prime minister and liberal was in power. Before the referendum, there was a question in the census to establish the number of full blood aborigines society viewed aboriginals as a disadvantage. Aboriginal were able to vote in 1962, however they have no potential power and although they are allowed to vote, they are not counted in the census.

Australia became more aware of the discrimination and of what other countries think of them and they finally removed the discrimination from federal legislation. At this time, the laws regarding the aboriginal is the responsibility of the states government. Consequently, if an aboriginal moved to another state, their rights might be gained or lost. Furthermore by the end of 1966, aboriginal people has been granted legal rights but not citizenship. A boriginals tried to be counted as Australians and a referendum was done to change the australian convention. A referendum is a voting system, where people vote yes or no to something and a majority of vote will win. Therefore the federal council campaign for a yes vote in the referendumThe context of the referendum is quite good. The aboriginals were hopeful towards the referendum and has faith on getting counted in the census...