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This maybe nonsatisfactory in answering the many themes and symbols that are rampant in the book but may provide an idea of what to write in an essay. (I'm a sharing person.) George Orwell's novel, "1984" was an interesting book. It reminded me of the book, Fahrenheit 451, which also tells of a place where people conform to all rules of the existing society although it proves to be harmful in the end. In 1984, Orwell told of much more procedures to keep the citizens from rebelling such as telescreens and the use of exhaustion- physical and mental while Fahrenheit 451 uses desensitization through television and the clown. (Unsure if it was the clown or not on the television that was affecting Milly) Throughout the novel, George Orwell illustrates the harsh world that could exist in the future time of 1984. The place known as Airstrip One, once known as England, was decaying.

The towns were dilapidated and many of the buildings were crumbling. He predicted that government would have a hold on people and that privacy would be nonexistent. In 2002 of America, it seems that his prediction is close to being true. The internet, a growing economy, has many problems with privacy. With threats of more terrorist actions and threats against the U.S., the government has tried a new initiative to inspect every single email that contains words that could mean a decisive threat against the U.S. (for example- "bomb", "Anthrax", etc.") Like the telescreens of 1984, people are watched from "behind the scenes" to make sure that nothing wrong is happening. Although the idea of the U.S. Government initiative may be a good idea at first, it could present a step that will leads to an idea equal to that of telescreens.

Winston Smith was a rebellious...