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1984 George Orwell Ever since grade school you have known 2+2 equals four, but in the society of George Orwell's novel 1984 this is no longer the truth. Even this simple problem of addition was not left untouched by the "Big Brother"� government portrayed in 1984. Imagine having a lie told to you as obvious as 2+2 equaling five. Of course you knowing this not to be true in it's self would be a crime. A crime of the highest degree to be exact, a "thought crime"� punishable by death. This example is on the small scale of what has been warped by the totalitarian government in the novel 1984.

This novel is yet another great example of how Orwell puts to use his political themes in his writing. This book was published in 1949, but was began in 1948, which is where the title came from 48 being backwards to form 84 in 1984.

At the time Orwell was still focused on writing about the Russian government and communism as a whole. This being the backdrop always proved worthy to read about. The forces of good and evil in his writings have always intrigued me. Good meaning the oppressed and evil being the oppressor.

1984 was no different. It dealed with Winston Smith, being the oppressed and manipulated along beside Big Brother, the oppressor. Another protagonist was Julia, Winston's lover. She was always the optimistic one of the duo. Winston was the opposite. He always had the idea that sooner or later they would be caught acting as individuals and sent to their deaths. This was probably his downfall. He could never dismiss the thought of being caught because deep down he wanted to be put out of his misery of a meaningless life. He never had this wish...