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1984 Paper The novel 1984 written by George Orwell is an example of an anti utopian society that has many characteristics of today?s society. 1984 is a political novel that warns its readers of totalitarian government. There are many characteristics of Big Brother during our life?s today. Examples of this range from shopping on the Internet and hidden security cameras. Few moments in a person?s life are actually secret or private. Orwell represents this very well with the idea of telescreens and being watched all the time. The ordinary people in the novel don?t think to resist Big Brother because all they know comes from the Party.

Many of Orwell?s beliefs about Big Brother compare with some of today?s practices and beliefs. The victims of Big Brother were constantly trying to be contained, and it was carried out through Newspeak. This shortened people?s vocabulary and made them dull or restricted their thoughts.

An example of Newspeak used in the novel would be ungood, plusgood or doubleplusgood. There are many of examples of Newspeak today. Many of our words today have under gone change through the years. An example of this would be the saying ?whats up? that has been shortened to ?sup?. In some ways Newspeak has become true because of the shorting of our words.

The telescreens used in 1984 compares with today?s technology. The telescreen was able to see a person all the time and keep track of them. The people never turned the telescreen off and it was constantly running. The technology that is used today can be used against people to find out their identity or anything else. The telescreens were also used in the same way in that they could watch anyone who was in front of it. The Internet that is used today is...