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1984 describes a society in which a totalitarian government is in control. It is a harsh government, freedoms are strictly limited, and it controls the ideas and thoughts of its citizens. The government uses advanced mind reading techniques to cruelly uncover the thoughts of the people in order to punish those who show signs of inconformity and desire of rebellion against the government. Although this book is supposed to be prophetic, Orwell underestimated the time it would take for such a government to take place.

Orwell writes a detailed book telling about the type of government, the totalitarian government, something that all humans should fear. He describes its complete control over the people, and it is possible that mind control and cruel torture techniques would be use in such a type of government in order to acquire complete control over the people and over the entire nation.

Orwell tells about how the government used the image of a man who stood in a shadow that covered his face.

This was man was known to the people as "Big Brother." Posters of him could be seen all over the city with the saying, "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU." This type of propaganda was used by the government in order to let the people know that it was inevitable to escape the watchful eyes of their totalitarian government. The government was very mysterious and suspicious to the main character, Winston, who worked in the government. The government was divided up into four main parts. The Ministry of Truth was where Winston worked. That section was in charge of education and the arts. The Ministry of Peace, was the area which/¿THAT? was in command of war. The Ministry of plenty controlled economic affairs, and finally the Ministry of Love, which concerned...