1984 by George Orwell

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This essay is an opinion piece about " do you think it was possible for them to rebel"

In the novel 1984 I do think that it was possible for them to rebel against the government Big Brother based by on the information and thoughts by the main character Winston. Winson is an honest man who questions and rebels against the lonely and insecure life, stripped of all human feelings, in the state of Oceania. He falls in love with Julia and is punished for the relationship with her. Throughout the novel, Winston has thoughts about rebelling and taking down the government that controls his every thought, and emotion.Unlike the people he knows, and associates himself with, he does want to rebel against the government, and he does it slowly by joining the organization the Party , and going to the meetings.

Because of the strict laws, and the enforcements Big Brother imposes on the people, a lot of the citizens do want to rebel against the government.

Though some of them disagree with the government's strict ideas, they don't revolt. Only when Winston joins the Party does he realize that he can think for himself. Winston rebels against the controls imposed on individual freedom, questions the deliberate falsification of facts, especially historical facts, and believes that human nature will triumph over all the lies, deception, and control of this authoritarian government.

Winston is not just the only member of the Party. His girlfriend Julie also agrees with his ideas, and so do several others. Because of the strict measurements that Big Brother enforces on its citizens in Oceania, it is almost impossible for them to rebel. But yet Winston is able to do it. Winston and several other members of the Party are able to pass...