"1984" by George Orwell: Dangers of a totalitarian government

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"1984", by George Orwell, is a novel about a man named Winston Smith who lives in London, which is a part of the country Oceania. The world is a totalitarian society that is led by Big Brother, which censors everyone's behavior, and even their thoughts. Big brother is on posters everywhere, "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU." Big brother is a creation of the party.

Winston is completely unhappy with his life and he secretly wants to join a supposed group of underground rebels who intend on overthrowing the government. Winston commits a very serious "thought crime" of writing his feelings he has about Big Brother in a diary. This is a very serious thought crime in that it may result in arrest or worse, abolishment. Your life and anything you have ever done was wiped out, your one time existence was denied and then forgotten.

Throughout the book, Winston continues to hate Big Brother and all of its ways.

He meets Julia, and since feels the same about Big Brother as Winston does, they commit the crime of love. Winston also meets O'Brien, an inner party member, who exchanges glances with Winston giving him hopes and dreams that he is a member of the Brotherhood. However, Winston is soon trapped by O'Brien.

Winston and Julia are sent to the Ministry of Love which is a rehabilitation center for criminals accused of a thought crime. There, Winston is separated from Julia and tortured until his beliefs coincided with those of the Party. Winston denounces everything he ever believed in, including the love he had for Julia and is then released back into the public where worships and becomes a true believer of Big Brother.

In 1984, Big Brother plays a major role. He does not actually exist since he...