1984 by george orwell shows the devices used by the party to gain domination over the people in the society

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To preserve it's domination, the party in 1984 has extirpated the societies freedom and has enforced their way of thinking. Through the conversation Winston encounters in Chapter 5, the reader is able to recognize the control the party has over the society by inflicting fear into the atmosphere.

First of all, the party has created an atmosphere full of fear so they can maintain power over the people. One of the ways the party inflicts fear into the society is by making sure that the people can't trust each other. The party has eliminated the word "friend" , so friendship won't get in the way of denouncing someone. The society doesn't have friends; they refer to everyone as comrades. Winston can't even trust his close comrade Syme. Winston believes that if Syme had any reason to denounce him for a thought crime he would, without any remorse. Also, another way the party has made sure that people can't trust each other is by teaching the younger generation how to become a spy.

They teach them that war is good and people who don't agree with the party are horrible and should suffer. By corrupting the younger two girls set fire to the old market-women's skirt because they saw her wrapping up sausage in a poster of Big Brother generation soon everyone will obey the party and will have hatred towards anyone who doesn't worship the party or hatred towards people that commit a crime. For example,. This shows how the children's sensitivity has been destroyed because they are willing to kill an innocent lady for stealing a sausage. It also shows their sudden instinct to kill when witnessed a crime towards the party. The children's cruelty doesn't stop there; they are even willing to denounce their own family members...