1984 in today's society

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We always tried to imagine what the future world will be like. Some have been extremely wrong and some have been frighteningly close to what reality has become. The Orwell's world of 1984 was really far away from what it really had become, but still some features of the 1984's nightmare nevertheless came true. It never was exactly how Orwell imagined it, but still there are some similarities. Here some of them.

Big Brother

Big Brother definitely exists in modern society; of course it is not a concrete person and more like something abstract, but there is a lot of evidence of him. For example in country where I was born (Russia), every citizen is required to have a passport, (it's probably the most important document every Russian has), all the information written in the passport is available to government, and one of the things that always should be there is your exact address.

So the government, which plays role of Big Brother here, always knows where you are, and if they need you they will always reach you. In US government, probably, won't have any problems finding you, even without this information, for example, by number of your credit card, and, I'm sure, there are a lot more other ways.

I, personally, don't see anything really bad in this law, as long as you are not under 24 hour surveillance, because it's probably always easier to, for example, to catch criminals. Not a big ones, who will think of something to avoid the law, but small thieves and other people like them. So if you are not going to be a criminal you won't really worry about it.


Our language always changes, people of older generation sometimes don't understand the new words their grandsons and granddaughters are saying,