1984 Vs. A Handmaids Tale

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At night we fall asleep, our dreams guide us through the night, and give a small glimpse our inner ambitions, and hopes for the future, while sometimes, we remember important events from the past. The power of the mind is phenomenal; to recall events from past times, and remember them clear as if they happened yesterday is what keeps us sane. The main characters in both, Margaret Atwood?s A Handmaids Tale and George Orwell?s 1984 live in a world where everyone is controlled, and everything is planned out for them. The society in which these characters live is absurdly unlike the one in which we exist. The two characters rely on their subconscious thoughts of the past to get them through their daily lives. We note many similarities and differences between the ways they remember past governmental systems, love and freedom. Without their individual thoughts, Winston Smith, and Offred would loose their sanity and all hopes for the future.

A very notable theme in both novels is love. In Orwell?s 1984, Winston thoughts about love are more directed towards his mother. He once had a dream about his mother and baby sister sinking into a well, or lowering off the side of a ship, he wasn?t exactly sure. Winston felt that his mom and sister were being sucked towards death. Inside, Winston knew that his mom and sister were sacrificing their lives for his own. Winston realizes ?? that his mother?s death, nearly 30 years ago, had been tragic and sorrowful in a way that was no longer possible? [Pg. 27]. The society in which Winston lives is controlled by Big Brother, through their coaxing Winston believes that feelings of tragedy, love and friendship were things of the past. The memories of her death saddens Winston, he knew that his...