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hi14:06 - Still Michael Schumacher leads the Italian Grand Prix with his brother chasing closely behind.

14:04 - Alan McNish in the Toyota had a terrible start on the grid and his race is already over.

14:04 - Michael Schumacher with a fine start .... Ralf Schumacher is in second place .... Rubens Barrichello is third.

14:03 - We're all set for the start of today's Grand Prix .....

13:58 - The cars are going through their warm-up lap ....

13.30 - In pole position for this GP is of course Michael Schumacher.

13.10 - The race starts at 14.00cet... On your left you will find the grid positions for the start of the GP...

13.00 - Hi and welcome to our live coverage of the San Marino Grand-Prix.

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