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Jean-Jacques Giannesini UMP was elected to Borough Council in the 19th Council and Paris where he works on issues of employment. Resident of the district since his youth, he saw change in depth. Very attached to General de Gaulle, he delivers his vision for dixneufinfo.com neighborhoods, municipal politics and his activism. The speech is direct. He willingly tackle left, or right. Meeting.

What was your political career? Jean-Jacques Giannesini - I am elected since 1983, I was the youngest borough councilor. In 1987, I became deputy mayor in charge of Youth and Sports. Since 2001 I am elected opposition and became adviser to Paris in March 2008, I am in charge of employment issues. But I always worked alongside. I am currently the National Secretary General of the local missions; So I'm in charge of youth employment. Politics is mostly evenings and weekends.

You have always been elected in the 19th? Yes! I arrived in the district, I had three weeks! I lived twenty-seven years Porte des Lilas, in a city transit and street Mathis and now Porte Chaumont.

I have no bad memories in this city. The most difficult was the loss of my father, I was fifteen.

How do you see the evolution of the 19th district? The 19th was more representative of all populations than it is now. The middle classes were better represented. An equilibrium exists. Today, there are too social and not enough intermediate dwellings. The middle classes are leaving. There are also more than rich people. I regret this lack of mixing. When I see the mayor of the 19th, Roger Madec, continues to build social housing (it is more than 35% of the district), this is stupid! I am not hostile to social housing, I come! But the mayor of Paris must...