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My fellow Americans,

During the time that the Constitution was in the making, two political parties were born. They were called the Federalist Party and the Anti-Federalist Party (also known as the Democratic-Republic party). Leaders of the Federalist Party, such as Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, wrote the Federalist Papers. To contradict the work of Federalist Leaders, Anti-Federalist leaders, such as Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee, wrote the Anti-Federalist Papers. Although the Anti-Federalists have popular stances, the constitution is a necessary document for the stability of the United States.

The Federalists want to create a Strong, Central Government. They want the majority of the power to be given to the Central Government, where they can bring stability of the nation to a strong and central power. They also believed that the states shouldn't have the same amount of power compared to the Strong Central Government. They also didn't think that a bill of rights was a necessary measure.

The Federalism movement wanted to create the Constitution of the United States; it ultimately removes the Articles of Confederation.

The Anti-Federalists were, exactly what they are called, Anti-Federalists. They wanted almost exactly the opposite of what the Federalists wanted. They believed that a government that was in control by the states would be the best. They believed that the Bill of Rights was absolutely necessary. They believed that is gave "the protection of individual rights". Although they weren't opposed on revising the government, they thought that the Articles only needed revising, not the constitution.

There are plenty of reasons as to why the Anti-Federalists are wrong. Sure, the Bill of Rights protected our rights as individuals, but that doesn't mean it wasn't going to become law. The Anti-Federalists think that the Articles of Confederation only needs a little revising. Just...