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Riordan Manufacturing current troubles in the Finance and Accounting systems can no longer be accepted. The company's turmoil has become evident to vendors and customers. The decision to invest in a system that will integrate their financial and accounting systems from their four locations has become a top priority. The CFO of the company has found a state of the art systems; Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II). The estimated cost of the new system will be about $1,350,000. The new systems will integrate the finance and accounting systems from all four locations (Michigan, Georgia, China, and California). The systems will include the general ledger modules like the chart of accounts, inventory, payroll, job costing, purchasing, sales, invoice, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and shipping just to mention a few, of the sub modules in the new system. The advantages of the MRP II systems will be the addition of new systems that will help the affectivity of the company.

The new systems will have supply chain management systems; which will help with the transition from purchasing their raw materials, all the way to the process of selling them to the customers. They will also have planning and scheduling (APS) systems, which will synchronize the flow of materials for all four locations; the system will help each location the information to meet adequately, the expectations of his or her orders. MRP II systems are also known to have customer management systems, and business intelligence systems, which can help the relationship between the company and their customers. Riordan will be able to maximize their customers' need.

The unlimited amount of software that can be integrated in MRP II systems will require also a great deal of an investment on hardware. The San Jose, California location...