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In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, the plot sequences that are symbolic. The section of the movie called "The Dawn of Man" has many examples of symbolism. First, there are five things in "The Dawn of Man" that show the endangerment of a species. Bones, the search for food, a leopard easily killing an ape, the frightened eyes of an ape during the night, and the first invasion at the waterhole show the Australiopithicine's weakness and their failure to fully protect themselves against predators and competitors. Next, the conjunction symbolizes an important event in human history. For instance, the eerie yet powerful music that is played during the image of the conjunction symbolizes the spiritual unknown. In addition, the Australiopithicus remembers the conjunction when he realizes the power tools provide. Finally, the second defeat at the waterhole represents man's separation from ape. For example, the leader of group one is standing upright when he approaches his enemies.

Moreover, group two flees in terror, and the leader of group one celebrates their dominance by flinging the weapon into the air.

Death is shown throughout "The Dawn of Man" in many different events. The first sign of death is the bones lying out on the ground. Secondly, the Australiopithicine are obviously running low on food since they are scouring for plants and bugs and have no power since they cannot scare off tapirs from eating their minimal portions of food. Also, a leopard easily kills a vulnerable ape, and the apes have no desire for defense. Besides, these Australiopithicine are too weak from their hunger to properly defend themselves. Moreover, as these Australiopithicine are drinking from a waterhole another group of apes approach the pool of water and drive the first group away. This symbolizes the apes' lack of...