2001: A Space Odyssey

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Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey explores the future of space from the director’s point of view. This movie was made from extremely capable thinkers, because they would need amazing depth of thought to create such high standard futuristic effects (of the time it was made).

The first chapter of the movie was called The Dawn of Man. The first scene was said to be in the prehistoric past in the Pleistocene era, four million years ago. The universe had just been born, and the world was still and quiet. There were many wide shots, showing sunrises on the still dessert, then a group or a tribe of apemen (Australopithecines) who seem to be the first sign of life, scatter around in smaller groups and gather food together. After awhile they gather around a waterhole and watch in shock as a zebra gets hunted down by a predator, probably and tiger or a leopard.

One the same night the apes huddle together protectively scared of the leopard. The next morning, they discover a tall standing upright stone figure [MONOLITH ONE] standing near their den, giving off a creepy humming noise. The apemen gather around it curiously, and one of the apes, most likely the leader of the tribe, took the first step of courage and touched the monolith. The rest of the tribe reached forward also, as if hypnotised by the figure of the stone. The group of apes all touch the monolith with their hands; meanwhile the sun rises over the slab, in line with the crescent moon and the tip of the monolith. Later, the same leader ape who first touched the monolith was scavenging for food near the animal bones. He plays around with a large bone and crushes a carcass, or skeleton, more and more viciously.