21st Century Slavery

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Ms. Stein

AP Lang; P. 2

Madison Philpot

September 23, 2014

21st Century Slavery

What comes to mind when you hear the word slavery? Most people think of early American history when slave trade was a large part of American life, some think of modern day slavery like human trafficking or child slavery. The Webster dictionary defines slavery as, "submission to a dominating influence." If you really think outside the box with this definition, you would realize that almost every person in the world is held under some type of slavery they created. Many people don't recognize that they are slaves to their jobs, relationships, technology, and even their own mind. They allow people or objects in their everyday life hold such a huge influence over them.

How often do you see someone walking down the hall, or sitting in a restaurant with some type of technology staring them in the face? People nowadays seem to so attached to their phones, tablets, and laptops that it almost appears as if its and extension of their body.

Technology is so integrated into our everyday lives; most people wouldn't know what to do without it. It's everywhere you look, restaurants, schools, cars, homes, malls, hospitals, shopping centers, highways, I can hardly think of anywhere that I go that some type of technology isn't there. People are dominated by an overwhelming influence that has created such a dependency on technology; it controls how we think, act, what we say, and how we spend a majority of our time, it has made us its very own slave.

Many Americans these days depend their survival on a weekly paycheck, the once known "American Dream" has somewhat been swapped by a whip that can be described as the American nightmare of homelessness, hunger,