21st Century: Time of Despair

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Fahad Khan

Mr. Nixon


February 27 th , 2014

The 21 st Century: Time of Despair

In today's society, people are greatly impacted by the world they live in. The value of money has decreased and the cost of life has increased. It makes it difficult for people to live their lives the way they want, when they are always worrying about the amount of currency in their pockets. However, throughout history, drastic changes have occurred that have shaped our societies in so many different ways today. From the ancient civilizations, to the dark ages on through the renais sance, human intelligence and passion has flourished tremendously. What is common throughout the centuries? The idea of corruption at some point during the time periods, all revolving around the precious idea of currency . It is without a doubt however, tha t the 21 st century, is the most corrupted century of all.

In modern society, everything revolves around money, how much one has, and where they spend it. Citizens of this century do things that are not in favour of the majority, but rather for the rich, or to become rich themselves. The 21rst century is a time of great despair , due to the unhealthy food people consume, the weather conditions they encounter, and the unnecessary violence of extreme warfare they endure.

The idea of eating, is glorified by th e media, and sometimes the food that's out there, is nowhere close to good quality. Recently, because of such poor food choices in society, people are becoming interested in where their food comes from. Their new interest is most likely deriving from thei r health concerns, being ecologically considerate, and sustaining local agriculture. The subject of genetically modified foods is raising questions for consumers, whereas organic food...